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Biogas Management Solution

Agrilyze helps farmers convert waste into energy with Biogas Management Solutions.

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Embrace Tech & Innovation

Understand the best uses of manure through sustainable energy production

Leverage Profitability

Stimulate farm productivity and growth using waste as a revenue generator

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Detect locations with the least environmental impact, closest to a pipeline, for safety


Utilize provincial guidelines and documents to reduce risk exposure

What is Biogas?

Biogas is produced naturally by extracting carbon dioxide, contaminants, and other gases resulting from organic materials in landfills going through anaerobic decomposition and from anaerobic digesters found at wastewater treatment facilities, farms, and food processing plants. Biogas management solution can help farmers convert waste into energy.

biogas waste farm agriculture agrilyze technology
biogas waste farm agriculture agrilyze technology

Use of Biogas Management Solution

In its raw form, biogas can be used to generate heat and power. It can also be conditioned as RNG (renewable natural gas) to qualify in fossil natural gas applications. There are various uses for biogas, including heating and cooling, fuel for transportation, generating electricity, and renewable hydrogen for powering fuel cells.

There are many other types of materials that can be converted to biogas and RNG. This includes organic substances found in the city and commercial waste streams, food scraps, a paper that can’t be recycled and compostable products – fats, oils, greases, yard, and garden debris.

Benefits of Biogas

As a locally-produced, renewable fuel, biogas/RNG is beneficial to the planet as it is easily stored and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Because it can be made available on-demand, biogas can offset conventional energy sources for heat or power applications related to transportation.

biogas waste farm agriculture agrilyze technology

Biogas Management System

The first and the most critical step in developing a project to manage and utilize manure for clean energy is to define what type of system is the most convenient and feasible.

Data within Agrilyze can be used to determine where to place a biogas plant at a close distance to a valve to eliminate having to transport manure long distances.

Agrilyze also helps to determine an ideal location to ensure you are building the appropriate facilities. Identify creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, etc. to minimize overlap and ensure the smallest impact on the environment.

Comply with Regulations

Agrilyze provides site compliance requirements (including government regulations), allowing for a more straightforward understanding of what is required to ensure that we adequately protect the environment from potential environmental hazards related to biogas production.

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