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Smart Apps for Precision Farming

Helping Consultants and Farmers Learn More About Agrilyze


Who Are We?

Agrilyze is BC’s first data analytics portal for precision agriculture. Developed by the i-Open Group of Companies, Agrilyze helps consultants and farmers with land use management, compliance, traceability, sustainability, and more through smart apps. With a strong focus on agritech and the supply chain, Agrilyze uses subscription-based imagery to visualize information received from different sources, allowing consultants and farmers to work more effectively, increase profits, optimize productivity and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Farmers consultants on farm field.
Consulting Hub
Consulting Hub graphic agricultural consultants in field

Stay on top of the latest trends, industry issues and advances. Agrilyze can help consultants and farmers with various technical concerns like measuring, analyzing and interpreting farm data. Determine ways to grow quality, high yield crops and improve your day-to-day operations.

Map My Farm
Map My Farm graphic

Leverage your mapping capabilities to identify the location of property lines, fields, crops, buildings, soil test locations, manure storage and animal housing and their setbacks in relation to any watercourses, wells, or other areas of concern. This feature provides a clear and concise way to map information for your needs and farm operation based on legislative requirements.

Drone Imagery Analytics
Drone Imagery Analytics

Save time monitoring the far reaches of your farm and allow drones to control more frequent monitoring of specified areas. We can integrate vivid, high-definition imagery for soil and field analysis, seed planting, crop spraying, irrigation monitoring and more.

Soil Testing
Soil Testing

Leverage the data you already collect to map and manage soil fertility and other properties with ease. The data you collect will help inform management practices for the current season and quantify/qualify any past farming decisions, so you can expertly analyze results and make recommendations to improve your farm’s overall soil health.


Get your agricultural site’s compliance requirements, allowing for a more straightforward understanding of what is required to ensure that your work falls within legislative guidelines. We also incorporate traceability for food technology, so you can better meet food safety regulations.

Nutrient Management Plan
Nutrient Management Plan

A nutrient management plan is used to help guide the application of nutrients to land to benefit crop production and the environment. Agrilyze helps manage critical components required in this plan in BC, such as the farm maps, the nutrient source inventory and tracking of manure generated stored, incorporating the Nutrient Management Calculator data collection tool and tracking results for compliance reporting.

Research Hub
Research Hub

Getting involved in research will translate into valuable operational gains. Rather than disrupting our vital ecosystems’ natural balance, we must find ways to increase our knowledge around critical factors like soil systems and water resources. Seek and apply new procedures to increase livestock and crop yields, improve farmland productivity, reduce loss due to disease and insects, develop more efficient equipment, and increase overall food quality.

IoT Device Integration
IoT Device Integration

More and more farms are adding devices, sensors, and systems that generate data into siloed systems. Agrilyze works to aggregate that data in view only forms into a single platform so that decisions can be made with a holistic understanding of the data from the systems used to manage the farm. This might be cameras, weather stations or soil moisture sensors or temperature sensors in the barn.

Ag Data Hub
ag data hub

The agriculture industry is shifting its strategies and systems. This paradigm shift demands new skills, increased human resources and capital, and ultimately smart tools and modern technologies that can positively impact our economy and the environment. Agrilyze can help consultants and farmers adapt their production practices, reducing the impact on natural ecosystems while optimizing inputs to boost yields.

Modern Farming Made Simple.

It’s a fact. Agriculture sustains us. As farmers, it defines who we are, what we do and why we do it. By understanding, evaluating and managing the benefits of conservation, preservation and moderation, as well as implementing the Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental Management, we can boost yields, improve sustainability and increase growth and competitiveness in the agricultural market. It’s time to make a change, Agrilyze smart apps can help! Contact us today.

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