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Join Agrilyze to learn more about your land and access tools to make your record-keeping easy with this farm management solution.

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We are a leading-edge, cloud-hosted analytics platform that blends actionable, local data, and high tech to help your farm management at its best.

At Agrilyze, our goal is to help you make more informed decisions to improve your operation’s productivity and profitability.

From each farmer to every crop, Agrilyze can help you meet each challenge across your entire operation. Our free features can get you started.

This is the only farm management solution you will need.

map Your Farm

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Farm & Task Management


Improve your efficiency, teamwork, and profitability on every acre with our accurate, automated task and contact management tools.

The Agrilyze contact management tool allows you to keep track of anyone and everyone involved in your business.

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Instant Weather Reporting

Weather & Change Monitoring

Weather forecasting helps you to see changes in precipitation patterns, changes in extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability as these elements may result in reduced agricultural productivity.

The Agrilyze weather widget is easy-to-use and always on hand when you need to keep tabs on the weather.

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Equipped for the Future

Make decisions that will improve farming productivity and profitability.


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Geospatially Enabled Data Sets


Healthy soils produce healthy crops, learn about the soil composition of your farm land, and make better decisions.

Use Agrilyze to analyze the soil on your fields, ensuring the supply of essential nutrients, water, oxygen and root support that your crops need to grow and flourish.

Data Includes: Agricultural Capability Map, Phosphorus Affected Areas, Vulnerable Aquifer Recharge Area, Land Cover, Soil Map, Agricultural Land Reserve

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Protect the Water Quality


Sustainable agriculture can only be achieved with the wise stewardship of our water resources.

Agrilyze allows you to monitor surface runoff from crop fields that may carry large amounts of soil and can cause field erosion or may fill in lakes, rivers and streams with soil.

Data Includes: Fraser River Basin & Major Watersheds

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Groundwater Data


Water is used for everything from irrigating crops to preventing frost damage.

With Agrilyze, analyze any significant water issues and opportunities to minimize the likelihood of contamination of your farm and to meet farm safety standards.

Data Includes: Groundwater Aquifers, Groundwater Wells, Groundwater Alkalinity, Hardness, Nitrate/Nitrogen, Specific Conductance, Total Dissolved Soil

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Land Management Data


Agrilyze allows you to determine, record and analyze information about the use of farmland and its associated resources.

Get data from multiple utilities and government sources so that you can support land management based on consideration for the environment and best practices.

Data Includes: Parcel Maps, Regional District, Flood Plain, Major Pipelines, Electric Transmission Lines

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Increase Efficiency & Operate Like the Big Farms

The future of Agriculture is here!

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