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Data-Driven Analytics Help to Develop Solutions for Biogas Industry

Agrilyze Uses Data-Driven Analytics to Help CAIS Develop Innovative Solutions for the Biogas Industry

The Fraser Valley economy is dependent upon agriculture. The Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society (CAIS) is developing solutions toward a zero-waste agricultural system. Using a single, unified platform, Agrilyze provides CAIS with the required data to complete a proper performance analysis. This aids in their commission to operate waste reduction facilities on agricultural land.

Access to the software has allowed CAIS to determine the feasibility and costs in establishing a biogas solution based on farm size and pipeline distance. Chair of CAIS Chris Bush emphasizes, “We are pleased with what we have seen in the capabilities Agrilyze brings, and have full confidence it will evolve to put us and keep us on the leading edge of ag innovation.” 

About Agrilyze: Agrilyze blends actionable data and high tech to improve farming productivity, profitability, and ROI. Agrilyze’s role is to provide innovative products, while increasing awareness of our positive impact on the planet.


Agrilyze Helps Develop Solutions For Biogas Industry