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Agrilyze Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Costa Rica-based Indigo Inteligencia Agricola

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (November 18, 2020)

Abbotsford, BC – Agrilyze is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Costa Rica’s leading Ag solutions provider, Indigo Inteligencia Agricola. The strategic alliance will allow Agrilyze to leverage its in-depth knowledge of geospatial technologies while providing precision farming tools to the global Ag industry.

Agrilyze is a precision agriculture platform that leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics through its suite of Smart Farm Apps for efficient farm management, quality control, and process improvement. Our AI gathers and analyzes data from every action performed on the farm to help guide the industry’s immediate and future decisions with actionable insights.

Indigo Inteligencia Agricola is an intelligent platform that monitors and analyzes critical variables of the crop production cycle to predict the behaviour of productivity, operating time and historical consumption of agricultural inputs. IndigoIA works with significant producers and agriculture companies in Latin America, including Del Monte, Fyffes and Dole.

“Our work with IndigoIA has allowed us to integrate cutting edge technologies (UAVs) into our platform in a revolutionary form. On top of its advanced task management toolset and integrating industry-standard computer vision and image processing algorithms, Agrilyze has now allowed IndigoIA to automate the creation of mosaics and spectral analysis of those images to speed up information delivery to their clients.”

Agrilyze and IndigoIA are working together to provide new delivery methods for Indigo’s cutting-edge tropical agriculture image analysis algorithms based on imagery collected from drones. IndigoIA will use Agrilyze to leverage automation in the processing and delivery of data to and from clients and to the next level needed to automate the creation of imagery mosaics for analysis, move data to the cloud for easy access/editing by their clients and speed up the delivery of outcomes.

“We were pioneers to introduce precision agriculture in Central America six years ago, and with the help of innovative and modern solutions like Agrilyze, we have been able to expand our services to all of Latin America. Our objective is to track agriculture operations and create more precise traceability to make more accurate and opportunistic decisions.”

This new partnership is a testament to the growing Ag-Tech sector and the opportunities that exist due to the collaboration between organizations, industry and educational institutions. We are excited to work together to leverage the solid foundation of geospatial AI that is already in place. We will continue to promote a collaborative ecosystem that is open to mentorship, discussion and insights into the geospatial technology field.

For more information, check out https://agrilyze.ca/solutions-for-tropical-fruits/.

About Indigo Inteligencia Agricola:

IndigoIA uses precision agriculture to improve crop yield, improve monitoring and reduce agrochemical costs in tropical regions. Currently, IndigoIA is developing new services in tropical precision agriculture to detect tropical diseases and pests and increase customers’ net revenue.

About Agrilyze:

Agrilyze is a data analytics and insights platform for the agriculture industry developed by i-Open Technologies, a leader in geospatial technology and AI solutions. Agrilyze helps farmers reduce crop loss, manage work efficiently between teams, centralize all farm data for better insights, and remain compliant with environmental regulations.

Agrilyze Contact:

Jonathon McIntyre