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Shaping the Future of Agriculture with Agtech

The Evolution of the Modern Farming Community

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i-Open Technologies receives $500K BC Agritech Grant to further develop Agrilyze platform. Watch the video to learn more!

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How Can We Help?

Better understand and analyze the soil test results from your fields

Combine your farm’s data with expert geospatial technology

Meet farm safety standards and agricultural best practices

Understand your farms, fields & crops better with precise mapping

Smart Farming Software Application

Track weather, tasks, and contacts all from your device

Analyze & build actionable data from financial information and spreadsheets

Track fields and farm activities to understand ongoing changes

View printable maps and graphs documenting your farm’s overview


7  Smart Apps For Precision Farming Help Your Operation Thrive

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Map My Farm

Aggregate agricultural data from a wide range of sources, into a unified, easy-to-use, browser/app-based platform

Soil Testing

Analyze soil testing results with recommendations to improve your farm’s overall soil health


Get your site’s compliance requirements and incorporate food traceability to meet legislative guidelines

Drone Imagery Analytics

Access 3D imagery for soil and field analysis, crop spraying, irrigation monitoring and more

Nutrient Management Plan

Manage nutrients more efficiently and reduce input costs while minimizing nutrient loss risks

Agriculture Research Hub

Apply new techniques to boost yields and increase growth and competitiveness in the agricultural market

Farmer's Consulting Hub

Stay on top of trends and industry advances, so you can better measure, analyze and interpret farm data

Who is Agrilyze for?

Get Access to Local Agricultural Data Through Varied Applications

Agrilyze farm drone

We Are Data-Driven

Agribusiness has become a forward-thinking machine very much dependent on data. Data enables you to reveal new opportunities in the field. By doing so, you can generate more revenue, predict future trends, optimize your current operational efforts, and, most importantly – produce actionable insights that matter to your business.

We Empower You

Improve your agricultural processes using technology and data analysis. Agrilyze allows your hardware and software to communicate seamlessly on one platform, so you won’t have to spend late nights planning your next moves. Our tools will help you to be more precise in your decision-making, and you will be able to operate at higher efficiency and with optimum accuracy.

BC greenhouse farmer
Crop Management with farm tech

For A Better Planet

Technology contributes to higher crop productivity and decreases the use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which keeps food prices down. Agrilyze can help to reduce your environmental footprint and impact on natural ecosystems. We know no one is closer to the earth than farmers, so it is vital to manage the way we care for the land, water, and natural resources.

For Everyone

We work with farmers, government authorities & educational institutes to drive change in the farming industry. Farm automation technology addresses significant issues like a rising global population, farm labor shortages, and changing consumer preferences. Plant the one seed that will change the world, embrace technology, and the knowledge that comes with it!

Family farm

Case Studies

Are You a Consultant or Farmer?

See How Agrilyze is Helping Agribusinesses Today


One Easy-To-Use Application Where to Apply Agrilyze

Digital Farm Agriculture Agrilyze

Agrilyze helped us allocate all of our data in order to make informed decisions for our upcoming harvest. We are now taking on the future of farming with ease with Agrilyze.

Owner - Wright Farms

The ability to use sensors, GPS, and satellite imagery to analyze our farm allowed us to create a deeper understanding of our farm and saving a lot of resources and time.

Owner - Frank's Farms

In order to keep track of my client’s plants, we used drone technology to assist us in keeping track of and identifying early crop failure. Working with Agrliyze is what makes this possible.


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