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Data Analytics for the BC Wine Industry

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About the BC Wine Industry

The wine industry has seen tremendous growth over the past 20 years, with the number of wineries increasing exponentially. It’s an industry with significant impact, driving $2.8 billion toward the province of BC’s economy alone. However, viticulture faces several challenges. While vineyards are becoming greener, catering to more vibrant vines and high-quality grapes with lower alcohol content, the industry must address climate change, create more technical knowledge for vineyard workers, manage farm labour, and make winemaking facilities more environmentally sustainable.

Agrilyze can help wineries adapt to changes, guiding more informed decision-making tailored to the region as a whole. As vineyards compete to rise to the next level of prominence within the global wine industry, there is a need for a system that will provide better insights and direction to help the industry leverage its unique strengths.

BC grapes on the vine.
Enabling Digital Farms

Delivering Real & Sustainable High-Tech Solutions

Winemaker checking grapes on the vine
Top Needs

How Can You Work Better?

Agrilyze is at the forefront of addressing wineries’ top needs by improving processes and data collection for integration, analysis, and prediction leveraging AI and machine learning technologies.

Data Integration/Data Aggregation

Combine data from different sources into a single, unified interface, so you can compile information for analysis to achieve specific business objectives. Aggregate data into one dashboard on mobile and gain invaluable input/output knowledge.

Wine grapes technology and computer data.
Winery and pump system automation.


Use soil tension level or temperature data to improve water application and delivery to match the vines and soil composition’s physiological requirements on a sufficient scale.


See how the soil properties vary spatially in context with vine health and canopy density to provide valuable diagnostic information and guide correction efforts, such as amendment rates and locations.

Analyzing and extracting data on for the soil on a vineyard
Watering a vineyard with an irrigation system.


Improve soil structure and increase soil organic matter content by adopting techniques to monitor vines, accurately schedule irrigation, and prevent soil issues. Efficient irrigation technologies and management can help minimize waste and avoid excessive leaching and salt toxicity in grape vines.

Sensors & Data

Use real-time data to observe winery activities and eliminate the need to visit the winery, assisting in reduced travel time and freeing up plugged emitters on irrigation systems that could contribute to lost growth.

Sensors and data winery vineyard.
Monitoring change on a vineyard.

Monitor Change

Monitor soil changes to ensure optimal crop health while also providing more accurate data obtained from soil testing. Gather more precise information about your soils (structure, water retention capacity, macro and microelement composition) to better manage irrigation and fertilization.


Incorporate traceability for food technology to meet food quality and safety regulations. Track your wine’s movement in the supply chain – from the immediate customer to the direct supplier – while keeping track of all necessary documents for compliance. Meet code requirements & other regulations and be prepared in case of any inspections.

Traceability on a vineyard grapes winery.
Reporting and analytics grapes on a vine winery.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain access to financials, improve profits, decrease costs, predict and plan your next moves by integrating data from disparate systems. Create a more organized approach by collecting and consolidating data. Use our benchmarking and comparison tool to determine how your data looks against the industry standards or other wineries.

People & Task Management

Improve your efficiency, teamwork, and profitability with our accurate, automated task and contact management tools. Access contact information wherever you are, track tasks (timesheets), including equipment, storage, maintenance, and labour and where they occur on your winery so they can be later used in traceability management.

Two winemakers inside of a facility.
Weather monitoring inside of a vineyard making wine.

Weather Monitoring

Weather forecasting helps you see changes in precipitation patterns, extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability as these elements may result in reduced operational efficiency. The Agrilyze weather widget is easy-to-use and always on hand when you need to keep tabs on the weather.

Equipped for the Future

Make decisions that will improve farming productivity, profitability, and ROI.

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