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We Strive to Improve the Profitability, Efficiency, and Sustainability of Your Farm

Agrilyze features allow for your hardware and software to communicate seamlessly on one platform, with one another, so you won’t have to spend late nights planning your next moves –our platform will manage this for you.

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Smart Farming Software Application
Key Features

Precison Agriculture for Modern Farming

An advanced and powerful platform to aid farmers to operate at high efficiency with optimum accuracy

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for efficient farm management, quality control, and process improvement. Our AI gathers and analyses data from every action performed on your farm and helps guide both your immediate and future decisions with actionable insights.

Weather & Sensors

Instant weather reporting, monitor change, water contamination, soil moisture, nitrogen monitoring and more, will not only help you focus on growing a crop, but growing the best possible crop.

Remotely Sensed Imagery

drones for agriculture

Unlimited aerial imagery on demand for land preparation. With infrared images of your farm, you can quickly identify problems that you simply can’t see walking in the fields.


Geaographic information system GIS

Geospatial information is changing the way farmers view their land, increasing agricultural production and protecting the environment. Where farmers may have once treated their fields uniformly, with GIS you can see benefits from micromanaging the fields increasing accuracy and cutting costs.

Thermal Imagery & Security

thermal imagery

Study plant physiology, irrigation scheduling, evaluate growth maturity, detect spoilage made by microbial activities capturing the data needed in order to take action on time. Our cameras can setup perimeter alarms, track and monitor temperature on plants and your livestock.



Use GPS for farm planning, field mapping, soil sampling and much more.

More Features

Administrative Management

Apart from high tech components, Agrilyze allows you to take care of your administrative & operational tasks simultaneously.

Financial & CRM

financial CRM

Financial integrations and work management tools allows you to get insights about your business, cut admin time in half, and grow your business faster.

Documents & Legislation

documents legislation agriculture

Printable maps, documents and forms to make sure your compliance is in order.


Agrilyze software greenhouse solution

Responsive mobile capability while out in the field or away from the farm.

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