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Food Traceability & Compliance Solutions

Agrilyze, helps farmers be proactive
on regulatory requirements

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Compliance & Traceability Solutions

Increase Consumer Confidence

Empower customers to buy confidently with compliance & traceability solutions.

Reduce Risk Exposure

Be better prepared and reduce your risk exposure to recalls and rejects.

Ensure Compliance & Safety

Ensure end-to-end transparency and visibility of your entire supply chain.

Increase Revenue & Lower Costs

Increase farm profitability with reduced production & operations faults.

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Compliance & Traceability

Agrilyze is BC’s first data analytics portal for precision agriculture. Developed by the i-Open Group of Companies as a singular hub accessible from any mobile device, Agrilyze helps with land use management, compliance, traceability, sustainability, and more while providing high-quality data to local consultants, farmers, researchers, and governments across the globe.

With a strong focus on agritech and the supply chain, Agrilyze uses subscription-based imagery to visualize information received from different sources, allowing consultants and farmers to increase profits, optimize productivity and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations. Agrilyze smart technology can reveal insights, opportunities, and trends, driving better decision-making and care for the environment.

Compliance Requirements

All agricultural operations, regardless of type or size, need to follow a basic level of protection.

Agrilyze provides farmers with their agricultural site’s compliance requirements, allowing for a more straightforward understanding of what is required to ensure that we adequately protect the environment from potential environmental hazards related to agri-food production.

Compliance Requirements
Food Traceability Solutions

Food Traceability Solutions

Agrilyze incorporates traceability for food technology to allow farmers to meet food safety regulations. You can easily track the movement of your food in the supply chain – from the immediate customer to the immediate supplier while keeping track of all necessary documents for compliance.

Agrilyze helps you with keeping records to show you are meeting code requirements & other regulations and prepares you in case of any inspections.

Increase Efficiency & Operate Like the Big Farms

The future of Agriculture is here

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