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Data Analytics for Poultry Farmers

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Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is second to the pig industry for worldwide meat production. There is an increased demand for higher quality products as consumers judge their buying decisions on animal welfare and the nutritive aspects of poultry foods.

Today production is heavily influenced by the current local conditions and associated value chains. Producers aim to maximize nutrient cycling and a more efficient application of products that promote genetic diversity.

Smallholder producers play an essential role in the food supply chain. To maximize benefits for all parties, they can use the latest technologies to create better processes like having the ability to farm data by leveraging artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for more efficient farm management and quality control.

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Enabling Digital Farms

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Top Needs

How Can You Work Better?

Agrilyze is at the forefront of addressing the top needs of poultry farmers by improving processes and data collection for integration, analysis, and prediction leveraging AI and machine learning technologies.

Integration: Maps, Data & Devices

Manually observing individual chickens in today’s large chicken housing systems has become a tedious job. We integrate sensors and data from other platforms and display them in a single window so you can analyze information like bird activity, body temperature and air quality.

Manure Management/Compliance

Agrilyze provides poultry farmers with their site’s compliance requirements (including government regulations), allowing for a more straightforward understanding of what is required to ensure that we adequately protect the environment from potential environmental hazards related to agri-food production.


Agrilyze incorporates traceability for food technology to allow poultry farmers to meet food safety regulations. Track your food’s movement in the supply chain – from the immediate customer to the direct supplier –while keeping track of all necessary documents for compliance. Meet code requirements & other regulations and be prepared in case of any inspections.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain access to financials, improve profits, decrease costs, predict and plan your next moves by integrating the data from disparate systems on your farm. Create a more organized approach by collecting and consolidating data into a unified, easy-to-use, browser/app-based platform. Use our benchmarking and comparison tool to determine how your data looks against the industry standards or other farms.

People & Task Management

Improve your efficiency, teamwork, and profitability with our accurate, automated task and contact management tools. The Agrilyze contact management tool allows you to have access to contact information wherever you are – track tasks (timesheets), including equipment, storage, maintenance, and labour and where they occur on your farm so they can be later used in traceability management.

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Weather Monitoring

Weather forecasting helps you see changes in precipitation patterns, extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability as these elements may result in reduced operational efficiency. The Agrilyze weather widget is easy-to-use and always on hand when you need to keep tabs on the weather.


Access unlimited aerial imagery on demand for land survey. With infrared images of your farm, you can quickly identify problems and threats such as uninvited predatory animals like eagles or coyotes. Our cameras can setup perimeter alarms to track any activity on your farm.

Equipped for the Future

Make decisions that will improve farming productivity, profitability, and ROI.

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