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Data Analytics for Berry Farmers

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Berry Farming

Today’s berry farmers must manage the risk of crop loss caused by shifts in weather like heavy rain, flooding, drought, hail, spring frost, and other conditions. As such, farmers are aware of their environmental footprint – they equip and maintain fields with proper drainage and irrigation and also use leaf and soil analysis to optimize fertilizer levels.

Farmers also utilize high-resolution satellite images for monitoring and weather analysis. There is also a need for monitoring groundwater and contamination data. Overall, berry farmers aim to reduce labor and harvest costs by adopting new and more affordable harvesting technologies, to improve efficiency and fruit quality, while also reducing total fruit losses.

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Enabling Digital Farms

Delivering Real & Sustainable High-Tech Solutions

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Top Needs

How Can You Work Better?

Agrilyze is at the forefront of addressing the top needs of berry farmers by improving processes with the use of satellite imagery, AI and machine learning technologies for monitoring, detection, analysis, and prediction.



Checking fields can be a challenge without being physically present. Using soil tension level or temperature data, Agrilyze can eliminate the need to travel to the field to irrigate manually. Automation triggers irrigation, ensuring that equipment is only being used when required.

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Prevent Crop Loss

Freeing up plugged emitters on irrigation systems causing lost growth

Access to localized legislation links specifically dealing with livestock, greenhouses, berries, beekeeping, cannabis.


Sensors & Data

Use real-time data to observe field activities and eliminate the need to visit the field, assisting in reduced travel time and freeing plugged emitters on irrigation systems that could contribute to lost growth.

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Monitor Change

Monitor changes in the soil to ensure optimal crop health while also providing more accurate data obtained from soil testing. Eliminate the need to rely on in-field testing, which may only be reliable at certain times a day or identify crop stress after it has occurred. Also, identify problems like diseases and pests before they spread and destroy crops.


Real-time Alerts 

Improve the time it takes to gather data and make meaningful decisions. Activate real-time notifications to monitor temperatures impacting crops. This reduces the need for field workers to have to be on call at all hours to monitor field conditions.

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Work Management

Reduce Manual Labour

Checking other fields is challenging without being physically present

Display dashboard with KPI’s such as temperature, humidity, evaporation, fertilizer usage, weed count, aggregated sensor information.

Equipped for the Future

Make decisions that will improve farming productivity, profitability, and ROI.

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