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Tropical Fruits

The processing of tropical fruit, like bananas and pineapple, has expanded into large industries. Fruit can be canned, dried, frozen, or juiced and marketed either as an individual product or in combination with other fruit types.

By upgrading post-harvest handling and technology, productivity and quality can be increased. There is also a need to develop sustainable technologies to optimize production systems and improve access to markets.

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Key Issues Tropical Fruit Growers Deal With

A need for infrastructure development

Reduction in post-harvest losses

Food safety and quality standards

Requirements for certifiable international production

Control of pest and disease outbreaks related to climate change

Enabling Digital Farms

Delivering Real & Sustainable High-Tech Solutions

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Top Needs

How Can You Work Better?

Agrilyze is at the forefront of addressing the top needs of tropical fruit farmers by improving processes and data collection for integration, analysis, and prediction leveraging AI and machine learning technologies.


Healthy soil is fundamental to sustaining agricultural production. Agrilyze can help with appropriate soil management, improving soil productivity via improved availability and plant uptake of water and nutrients. Minimize losses of soil, nutrients and chemical through erosion, runoff and leaching into surface or groundwater.

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Good practices related to water can improve soil structure and increase soil organic matter content. Agrilyze can help you adopt techniques to monitor crops, accurately schedule irrigation, and prevent soil issues by applying water conservation methods. Efficient irrigation technologies and management can help minimize waste and avoid excessive leaching and salinization.

Crop Protection

Microorganisms can easily contaminate fresh tropical fruits because the optimal temperature for microbial contamination is equal to the average temperature in tropical countries.

To improve yield and the quality of produce, maintenance of crop health is essential. Agrilyze can help you to manage risks to maximize the biological prevention of pests and diseases and maintain a balance between pests, diseases, and beneficial organisms of all crops.

This will impact short and long-term farm productivity.


High tropical temperatures and relative humidity can contribute to the acceleration of chemical and biological degradation. Fresh produce is subject to damage if exposed to extreme temperatures.

The Agrilyze weather widget helps you to see changes in precipitation patterns, changes in extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability as these elements may result in reduced agricultural productivity.


Agrilyze can provide tropical fruit farmers with access to their site’s particular compliance requirements (including government regulations), allowing for a more straightforward understanding of what is required to ensure that we adequately protect the environment from potential environmental hazards related to agri-food production.

Integration of Maps, Data, & Devices

We integrate sensors, and data from other platforms and display it in a single window. Analyze information to study the nutrition of crops and prevent problems from developing. Also, identify issues like diseases and pests before they spread and destroy crops.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain access to financials, improve profits, decrease costs, predict and plan your next moves by integrating the data from disparate systems on your farm.

Create a more organized approach by collecting and consolidating data into a unified, easy-to-use, browser/app-based platform. Use our benchmarking and comparison tool to determine how your data looks against the industry standards or other farms.

People & Task Management

Improve your efficiency, teamwork, and profitability with our accurate, automated task, and contact management tools. The Agrilyze contact management tool allows you to have access to contact information wherever you are.

Track tasks (timesheets), including equipment, storage, maintenance, and labor and where they occur on your farm to be later used in traceability management.


Agrilyze incorporates traceability for food technology to allow farmers to meet food safety regulations. Track your food’s movement in the supply chain – from the immediate customer to the direct supplier while keeping track of all necessary documents for compliance.

Agrilyze helps you keep records to show you are meeting code requirements & other regulations and prepares you in case of any inspections.

Equipped for the Future

Make decisions that will improve farming productivity and profitability.

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