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SFU Students Contribute to XLRator’s SEA Cluster Initiative

SFU Students Focus on AI and Machine Learning Through XLRator’s SEA Cluster Initiative for Technology Development

Applicants from Simon Fraser University (SFU) will have the opportunity to collaborate and participate in the development of BC’s first data analytics portal for precision agriculture. XLRator has combined spatial and data expertise with emerging AI technologies to build Agrilyze, a cloud-hosted, data-driven analytics platform.

With a strong focus on agritech and the supply chain, the SEA Cluster Initiative has helped to develop Agrilyze as a single, easily accessible portal providing high-quality data to local researchers and governments within the industry. Overall, the SEA Cluster Initiative will support food and energy production, environmental cleanup, technology development and training.

About Agrilyze: Agrilyze blends actionable data and high tech to improve farming productivity, profitability, and ROI. Agrilyze’s role is to provide innovative products, while increasing awareness of our positive impact on the planet.


SFU Students Develop Analytics Portal