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HomeForce: Security & Automation Services for Farms & Agribusinesses

HomeForce is a trusted security and farm monitoring services provider in BC. Using HomeForce’s state of the art security software and devices you can monitor your farm, even when you’re away, with interactive video monitoring, real-time video alerts, and peek-in access to live streaming video feeds. HomeForce has over a decade of experience in sales and installation of CCTV, Security Cameras, and Security Systems to farms and agribusinesses.

HomeForce can customize CCTV & surveillance systems to fit your specific needs. Everything from camera lens size for ideal coverage, hardware to minimize bandwidth requirements, and the right security analytics are fully customizable, providing you the perfect solution to secure your farm/agribusiness. HomeForce partners with the best manufacturers in the industry and their engineers are equipped to design the perfect security solution for your security and CCTV needs.